We are linen textiles manufacturers. We select flax fiber from European countries: France, Belgium and Netherlands. So to adhere to the quality of the linen yarns (flax yarns) from the very beginning. Our main products are linen fabrics, especially the broad width linen fabric (wide width linen fabrics). We have built very good relationship with clients from UK, Finland, Italy, USA, Korea, etc. Meanwhile, we are supplying fine quality linen yarns worldwide. We are cooperating with a fine sewing factory,they could sew, embroidery and do the drawnwork with our linen fabrics, so, we can supply made-up home textiles. We also supply hemp yarn, hemp fabric, ramie yarn, ramie fabric and their blended, mixed. bamboo yarn, bamboo fabric.
      36 sets of Vimatex weaving machines made by Italy, output about 300,000m2 linen fabric per month, fabrics width from 54", 63", 110", to140" in loomstate (in grey), in 100% linen (pure linen), linen/cotton, linen/rayon, linen/silk, linen/tencel, etc. for garments fabric, decoration fabric, oil painting fabric, home textiles fabric, such as upholstery fabric, sofa fabric, curtain fabric, table linen, linen beddingst, etc. and linen canvas (flax canvas) for the use of military, for example, the tank cover, gun cover, tent cover, etc. All these, utilizing the nature quality of linen (flax), it is coolness, durable, strong, anti-bacteria.


linen yarn, or, flax yarn, in wet spun linen yarn and dry spun linen yarn. hemp yarn, ramie yarn, bamboo yarn

  • wet spun linen yarn (wet spun flax yarn), counts from nm7, nm8.5, nm9, nm10.5, nm11, nm12, nm13.5, nm15, nm18, nm20, nm22, nm24, nm26, nm28, nm36, nm39, nm45, nm50, to nm60, in semi-bleached and natural color, for linen fabrics / linen cloth apparel or indoor textiles. To get special purpose or result, 55% linen 45% cotton yarn, linen rayon yarn, and so on, linen/blended yarns, linen/mixed yarns and hemp yarns are available too. linen blended yarns, pure linen yarn / 100% linen yarn could be used for linen knitting fabric.

  • dry spun linen yarn (dry spun flax yarn), counts from nm2, nm3, nm4, nm6, for industrial fabrics uses. for example, linen canvas / flax canvas, linen carpet, and so on.

  linen fabrics, pure linen fabric, 100% linen fabric, linen cotton fabric, and so on; hemp fabric and ramie fabric, bamboo fabric






linen canvas, flax canvas, for tent fabric, gun cover, tank cover



home textiles As many buyers are interested in the 100% linen home textiles, we can meet our clients requirements supplying linen products, sew, embroidery and the drawnwork with our linen fabrics.

nowadays, many clients like prewashed home beddings. We are making and supplying these items to our clients from European countries now.

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